Word from our President and Founder

You set out to create a training company that goes on to be one of the leading providers of learning, capability building and HR solutions, on one hand, and on the other hand, you have this constant negative nagging feeling that training doesn’t work.

How does one deal with the dilemma?

I mean you are supposed to be influencing HR and business leaders to invest in their people, train and develop their capabilities, skills, and attitude and there is this voice inside that continually pricks you. It says that training, at best, is a good employee engagement activity, a more acceptable substitute for arranging picnics for the employees. Dilemma? For sure!

You deal with this dilemma by taking this apparent contradiction head-on!

I am proud of our journey at Team Results as we set out to address this challenge. We made conscious efforts and investments in making training more fun, more engaging than ever but at the same time impacting the business results. I would not be unduly modest to emphasise my success in the life insurance industry in India where I was able to get the business and training on the same platform. The ‘training’ function was a partner to the ‘business’ function in such a manner that together we created great success for the

Organisation. A fact liberally acknowledged by the industry.

And since then, the philosophy has been simple. If it could be done in one company, in one industry, and could become a standard benchmark for the entire industry. It could, then, also become possible in one training company that would become the benchmark for the entire industry.

With this vision of making training fun for the participants, less stressful for the trainers and meaningful business-impacting interventions for the organisations, TeamResults was set up in the year 2007. Effectively, it was TeamResults’ second innings and I was determined to plug all the loopholes that I had learnt in my first stint as an entrepreneur while setting up of TeamResults way back in 1997.

Entrepreneurship! Salaam Bombay! As we started in Mumbai.

From reasonably senior and responsible corporate positions when I decided to return to rejuvenating TeamResults it wasn’t an easy decision; it has not been since.

The usual romantic (boring?) tale of starting from one room, two team members, one client to now being multiple locations, medium-sized team, 260+ clients, active partnership with Business Training Works, USA, and great learning experience with 'Dramanon', England, phew! It’s been as amazing roller-coaster ride!

Some key milestones of this journey have been an evolution from stand-alone training provider to interventions, solution designer to Assessment Centres to being full-service HR Consulting organizations we at Team Results are very proud of our achievements.

However, what is still not changed and will never change is our single-minded focus on impacting results…

Results for our clients!

Results for the participants!

Results for us!

At Team Results, everyone, majority of them have been with Team Results for more than seven years, contribute through their knowledge and skills, commitment and ownership but what we really cherish is that, together we have created a wonderful company where there is a never a moment of ‘this is how it is’.

It has been an amazing experience to continue to enjoy the trust of many of our clients through long-term sustainable relationships. Since we don’t believe in any ‘open’ workshops, we would have designed customized interventions for each of our 260 plus clients. The satisfaction of having contributed to the quantitative and qualitative growth of those organizations keeps us fresh and rejuvenated. That many of these ‘clients’ have now become personal friends to me is a huge bonus. Beautiful people all around!

I promise to keep growing in relevance to our clients and people. The flame of the true promise of ‘Team Results’ – we believe in creating meaningful results for our clients, our people and for us will never diminish!

-Vijay Gupta

Founder and President,

TeamResults Corporate Solutions