Who is a woman?






She is this and she is much more

She knows your love and appreciates your existence

The whole world breathes in her womb

She nurtures you and helps you grow

She will comfort you without you knowing

She will make peace with you without you asking

She is more than you imagine

She has no end

Being a woman is her most precious gift from god

She is this and she is much more than you thought….

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Very well written Megha.. Though I may have my disconnects with the basic concept of having a day dedicated for women.. I mean why just ONE day? Does it mean that the other 364 days aren’t meant for them? It almost licences the organisations and society in general to ‘celebrate’ the womanhood at a very superfluous level.. the stereotyping ‘pink’ all over.. I am aware that in some handful organisations the gender empowerment issue is taken very seriously and a lot is being done but unfortunately such organisations are just that.. handful…

However nothing to take away from the beauty of the piece written by you.. keep them flowing!

jaskirat Kaur
October 5, 2016 6:57 am

Beautifully written Megha … grain of truth in every word… She is much more than what she appears to be to you and me…