“We never felt that we were being taught something…we were being given a different perspective of what we have been doing consciously or unconsciously…”

-Alok Singhal
CFO- India,
Bollore Logistics India limited

“It’s been a great experience and I believe it was much required for our managers. The modules you had designed were perfect. It has taken them to a different level of understanding. A couple of times I saw them dumb-founded-as self-realisation dawned- ‘Oh my God, even I was like that.’ So, it was great. this is the beginning of grooming them for a better future.”

-Sasmita Mohanty
CHRO South Asia,
Bollore Logistics India limited

“The high point for me first and foremost was the design of the total intervention. On each day we got to explore different types of our capabilities.”

-Debashish Mukherjee
Regional Operational Controller-MESA Region,
Bollore Logistics India limited