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A Holistic Leadership Development Intervention

Team Results is currently conducting a Leadership Development Program for the senior leadership team of a leading Logistics company for their Middle- East and South Asia Region.

The intervention started with a round of meetings with their senior leaders such as the CEO and CHRO and other strategic leaders to identify the gaps and design the end-to-end intervention to meet their needs and requirements. The program was targeted to cover their potential leaders and participants include people from India, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Qatar, and UAE.

The intervention is running in four phases with two modules each. The entire intervention is to be covered in a span of 18-24 months, with each set of two modules conducted six months apart interspersed with three-part pre-assessments; self and manager assessment, Extended DISC as psychometric assessment supplemented by an Assessment and Development Centre

The four phases consist of the following eight modules; My Role as a Manager and a Leader, Communication to Win, Building High-Performance Teams, Entrepreneurship and Change Management, Developing for Peak Performance – Coaching and Empowering, Cross-Functional Excellence, Presentation for Impact and Time Intelligence

These modules will be covered in two-three days each and each phase will be followed by a project work that will keep the participants engaged and will help in reinforcing the learning of the previous modules.