Sales Academy

Because success in sales is not by chance…

Selling is a multifaceted function. It starts much before actual interaction with the customer and does not always conclude with the close of sale. Most sales personnel receive little or no training about the deep impacting nuances of different functions in sales. They mostly learn it on the job. At the Team Results Sales Academy, our workshops are designed to address the multiple functions of a sales professional. A sales professional should be a consultant to the customer on one hand anan effective negotiator on the other, s/he is required to handle big accounts or B2B sales, manage channel partners, ensuring customer delight at all times.

What differentiates us from other sales training providers is our approach resting firmly on three pillars

1. Sales Expertise

Led by the Founder and the Chief Executive, Vijay Gupta, the ‘Team Results Sales Academy’ strives to directly impact the business results for the Organisation by directly impacting the performance of the salespersons and sales management of their managers.
Besides, his experience in a senior position in the pharmaceutical industry and his extremely successful tenure as the Head of Sales and Marketing (including the Service and Spares) of Hero Motors, Vijay is also a veteran of the National Institute of Sales (NIS) – the earliest sales training company of India. At Team Results, he has been a Consultant and Trainer to more than 50 large organisations across industries.

2. Customisation – Bespoke Training Only

Irrespective of the size of your organisation and the skill of your sales team, we believe that we can help you solve your sales challenge. We have worked extensively with the business leaders and the field teams, to understand the exact challenge and the gaps in the skills. This understanding forms the basis of all our solutions.

Common Customizations Include:

  • Case Studies and Role-plays : Sellers engage in customized role-play scenarios based on sales situations they typically face.
  • Customized Tools : The Sales Conversation Planner is tailored to be relevant to your organization and sales dynamics.
  • Needs, Solutions, and Value Grids : Sellers are provided with a powerful tool to aid in needs discovery.

3. Application Oriented – No Theory

Finally, selling is all about practising and deployable skills. The knowledge and the theory can only form the basis on which the skills are built. Our workshops strive to provide opportunities in a safe environment for the participants to learn and practice the skills. An extensive use of role-plays, case studies and scenario building are the reasons for the success of our workshops.