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Achievement Motivation

This is a complete workshop that uses an inside out approach with the individual as the main focus and the organisation as the context. It is designed to assess and develop ‘Achievement Motivation’ related competencies and behaviours within the individual.

There are many applications of this concept who address any of the following needs/gaps/ competencies:
• Not mere success… excellence!
• Developing an entrepreneurial mind-set
• Leadership – Raise the ‘BAR’ Bias for Action and Results

Impactful Presentations

Effective presentations lead to the formation of images in the minds of the others. Therefore, what is projected and how it is projected can make all the difference.

It’s a Deal! - Negotiation Skills

How do you know when you have struck the best deal? A fair price? And also that the relationship is ending on a win-win note so that you can be sure of continued supply and support.

Hiring Smart – Competency Based Interviewing Skills

Spotting, attracting and retaining talent is a key HR function. We cover competency-based behavioural interviewing; using the recognized principle that past and present behaviour is the best predictor of future performance.

Team Building - Synergy

The Team Building model of ‘9 Building Blocks’ proposed by Mike Woodcock and suggests there are nine building blocks of high performing effective teams, which forms the foundation of our designs…completely catering and addressing the gaps identified by the organisation themselves.

Leadership Effectiveness

This workshop is designed to address the multi level functioning of a leader. Today a leader is expected to achieve task and deliver results as well as develop his team. A leader is a combination of a coach, a mentor as well as a role model.

Thriving through Change

Change is inevitable and a constant in today’s competitive world. Professional and organisational success depends on whether employees can accept, sustain and thrive in times of change.

The Heart of Facilitation – Train the Trainer

This workshop aims to help the internal trainers and subject matter experts of an organisation through working backwards from deliverables to be able to design a robust training content and deliver it with panache.

Communicating for Success

Impressive and effective communication is a challenge many of us face. Be it direct in person, through emails or virtual, there is always a scope to refine our communication skills and present it in a better manner to be more impactful. The content and the delivery both together contribute to the communication being effective and eliciting the desired result.

Consultative Selling

This workshop is designed on the fundamental belief that with all other things being equal, it is the consultative approach, relationship and professionalism of the frontline sales team that interacts with various levels of the customers/clients has the potential to create that ‘differential’ factor that one is looking for.

Problem Solving and Creativity

Using creative thinking and effective problem solving techniques amongst teams helps people tap into the knowhow of individuals, develop consensus, gain commitment, and resolve issues.

Interpersonal Skills Excellence

People skills are crucial to professional success. Maintaining and nurturing relationships, managing diversity in behaviour and attitudes and dealing with emotions (both your own and of others) is something that we do on a daily basis at the workplace.

Not Workshops… Joyshops!

Our methodology of interactive and participative sessions with healthy mix of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic tools is best reflected from the start in our bias for the cluster seating…. no front benchers, no back benchers… no trainer, no trainees… only participants and facilitator!

We encourage participation through all possible means as we believe in the concept of ‘discovery learning’… participants are repeatedly challenged to explore ways of applying the learning back at work through syndicated group discussions and action planning.

Meaningful Activities

While we believe that activities, games, exercises are the best tools to transfer learning as people recall learning through their association with the same still we are also conscious of the fact that the activities are the means and not the end in themselves.

A collation of very interesting but irrelevant to the learning objectives can turn a learning workshop into a picnic full of events and hence we select the same with great care and responsibility

Totally Experiential

Through a judicious mix of experiential tools, kinaesthetic activities this workshop has been intentionally designed in such a way that while it may appear free flowing it delivers home the key learning in an impactful manner.

The simulations and activities are virtual walk-through the challenges as faced and as managed.

The participants are cajoled and compelled to address the issues in a non – threatening environment and get the solutions ‘here and now.’ This aids retention and application of learning.

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“Training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tones the spirit just as exercise conditions the body” –  Arnold Schwarzenegger