Thirteen years, more than 260 clients- mainly leaders across industries, thousands of workshops and participants….It has been a proud journey for us to emerge as one of the leading training consulting company of India.

Gaining expertise, experience and the confidence of our clients we have since evolved into full-service learning and development consulting company offering differentiated end-to-end training interventions right through the learning lifecycle – from training needs identification to measuring training effectiveness.

We are, now, known for consulting in planning complete training architecture, competency framework and designing and executing assessment and development centers. We are extremely satisfied with our strong credentials in OD interventions too.

We are professionals who have only one passion…results! A Consulting company that has a strong belief that people have unlimited potential and with the right training on knowledge, attitude, skills, and habits they can soon be motivated into delivering desired results. We, at Team Results, believe that every individual has a personal drive to transcend from mere success to excellence and that every human is naturally inclined to be a keen learner. And we provide relevant, useful, applicable content and an engaging, entertaining, participative and supportive learning experience to facilitate their journey by simplifying success and readying them for excellence!

We believe in results…. Results that we deliver to our clients and results that the participants of our interventions are enabled to deliver to their organizations.

Finally, the source of our real pride is an increasing number of our clients who treat us as their success partners and not mere training providers.

Our Partners

Team Results is proud to be partners with Business Training Works, Inc ®, a US-based Training, and Consulting Company. A company that shares a mindset similar to ours, and also provides us with access to international expertise and cutting edge content.

9015, Katie Court, Port Tobacco, MD 20677, Phone: 301 934 3250

With the experience of working with more than 260 Indian and Global corporations from varied industries and our clients willingly offering testimonials of the impact we have created in training and developments of their employees, we can now boast of our credentials to claim that we are truly the end-to-end solution providers in these areas.

Whether you need an onsite training workshop, full-service consulting, or if you are not really sure which solution will work, we can help.

We firmly believe that in today’s intense business environment, there is no room for lackadaisical behavior or a shortage of energy and innovation in the workspace. To consistently meet the challenges and demands of others we must first learn to bring out the best in ourselves. At TeamResults, we facilitate this self-realization through an enjoyable means and a focused approach.

We are catalysts in your pursuit of perfection.

Team Results – The Name

To us ‘Team Results’ is just not a name; it is a legacy that we are creating and the two components of the name are uniquely significant:


Team – that is our clients
The team that is us
The team that is our ‘clients and us’
Team causes all accomplishments. We have a simple approach to our consulting and training business – that the clients know best – their issues, their problems and gaps; their constraints and culture and also their needs and solutions.

We assist them best by listening and understanding them and then designing and implementing solutions and interventions that address their needs as closely and uniquely as possible. Effectively and efficiently!

This brings us to the next part of our name,


We understand that training is a substantial cost – direct and indirect and like any other business decision, needs to be taken with an eye out on the ‘result’ that it produces.

At Team Results, we do not subscribe to an abstract notion of success; instead, we choose to break it down into crystallized everyday processes that directly add value to the organization.

Hence, our motto is ‘Simplifying Success;Inspiring Excellence’

We are intent on validating the investment that you make in training cost by ensuring that the learning directly translates into a visible and positive change in the knowledge, skills, attitude, behaviour and habits of the participants.

Our Services

We have painstakingly built a formidable reputation in both our consulting practices:

  1. Talent Development- Designing and delivering exceptional quality experiential workshops in personal, managerial and leadership effectiveness; and in the functional domain on the entire gamut of sales, sales management, and customer services. I am attaching our ‘Training Directory’ for an immediate reference though we entirely believe in customized workshops.
  2. Talent Management- In this we cover the following
  • Designing of Competency Framework – functional and behavioral; consulting in all the application of a comprehensive competency dictionary.
  • Facilitating the designing, clarifying and cascading of Organisational Vision, Mission, and Values across the Organisation.
  • Designing and delivering end-to-end Assessment and Development Centres
  • Consulting in strategic HR areas of Job Evaluation, Banding
  • Designing an end-to-end Performance Management System