Organisation Development

Culture Building

An Organisation’s culture is the bedrock of all success. It consists of shared assumptions, values and beliefs ultimately shaping employee perceptions, behaviors and understanding.
In our experience, what is important is not only what emerges during a strategic session or ‘blue-sky thinking’-This is the easy part. What is the true test of culture building is ensuring that all the employees demonstrate the same commitment and passion to not only what they want to achieve but also how would they achieve it.
TeamResults has supported a number of Organisations through this journey of establishing a common, well-articulated and implementable culture rooted in the lived experience of each employee.

Vision, Mission and Cascading-Defining, Clarification and Cascading

At the heart of building a shared vision, mission and articulating values is the task of effectively facilitating and prioritising what your Organisation stands for whereby people at every level of the organization, in every role are enabled to share aspirations; their own and that of the organization they wish to belong to.
We facilitate the defining and articulating of Vision, Mission and Values throughout the organization. We also help you to create a communication strategy to cascade these throughout the organisation.

Change Management

An Organisational change is not just a simple journey from the current state to a desired state. This understanding underestimates the dynamic nature of change where today’s ‘desire’ may once again need to undergo change to a new desired state.
At TeamResults, we help you prepare for and transition through times of change. We understand that people resist change because they believe they will lose something of value or fear they will not be able to adapt to the new ways. We prepare your leaders to navigate change and create buy-in.
We help your Organization to build systems, communications and processes to enable people at all levels to deal with and thrive through the new realities of your business.