L&D and Assessments

Facilitating Learning

When it comes to learning facilitation, we are the experts. We believe that’s where the magic happens- hearts are touched, comfort zones challenged and habits transformed. We offer a wide array of training solutions including

Not Workshops…Joyshops!

Our methodology is interactive and participative with a healthy mix of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic tools.We encourage participation through all possible means as we believe in the concept of ‘discovery learning’… participants are repeatedly challenged to explore ways of applying the learning back at work through syndicated group discussions and action planning.

Meaningful Activities

While we believe that activities, games, exercises are the best tools to transfer learning as people recall learning through their association with the same still, we are also conscious of the fact that the activities are the means and not the end in themselves. A collation of very interesting but irrelevant to the learning objectives can turn a learning workshop into a picnic full of events and hence we select the same with great care and responsibility.

Totally Experiential

Through a judicious mix of experiential tools, kinaesthetic activities our workshop are designed in such a way that while it may appear free flowing it delivers home the key learning in an impactful manner. The simulations and activities are virtual walk-through the challenges as faced and as managed.The participants learn to address the issues in a non – threatening environment and get the solutions ‘here and now.’ This aids retention and application of learning.

Training Needs Analysis

Training Needs Analysis is the process of Identifying gaps in employee performance. We help you pin point specific business outcomes, performance issues to be addressed and behavioural competencies to be developed. Then we carry out a ‘Gap Analysis’ to crystallise training interventions.

Depending on your needs we can help your organization in-

-Creating Individual Development Plans for all employees

-Creating Training Calendar basis TNA

Assessments and Development Centers

Assessment and Development centers are designed to gauge a candidate’s true potential to perform well in a given role. Our assessment centers are well designed and structured. They are based on pre-defined competencies and their behavioural indicators appropriate for the role. Multiple tools (competency-based interviews, role-plays, in-tray excercises, case-studies, psychometric tools, presentation, group exercises, etc.) and assessors are used to ensure objective assessment. A detailed individual development reports is provided for each candidate assessed.

Content Development

We design content with the aim to build validity into learning by factoring in business realities and on the job application. We offer extensive customisation to offer tailor-made learning solutions.

Deliverables include-

-Trainer Tool-kits (Trainer Guide, Participant Guides, PPT, Supporting/Marketing collateral, Training Tools and Assessments) based on principles of adult learning and cognitive psychology

-Master Trainer the Trainer sessions and support for simultaneous roll out.

Psychometric Assessment- Extended DISC

We provide psychometric solutions for- Training Need Analysis, Job Comparison and Analysis, Coaching, Appraisals, Organisation Development, Leadership Development, Leadership and Conflict resolution interventions, Team Composition and work-pair analysis, Sales and Customer Service Competency Diagnosis.

The tool is scientifically validated and quick to administer giving you instant results. Its highly customizable both in terms of answering interface and report format.