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In this practical negotiation training workshop, participants will learn how to plan and prepare for a win-win negotiation even before it starts; the essential steps of a skilled negotiation; how to spot and manage dirty tricks and more. Through multiple case studies, hands-on activities, participants will practice skills learned throughout this interactive, fast-paced workshop.

Our Approach

The training workshop is delivered to promise a fruitful learning experience. The workshop is full of relevant, applicable principles and techniques on one hand and real life examples, anecdotes and kinaesthetic activities for the participants on the other.


We sincerely believe in ‘facilitative’ and ‘discovery learning’ approach and typically you will find us using the least number of PowerPoint slides in our workshops of this nature. We are aware of the challenges and constraints that the modern business teams face and how difficult it is for the organisations to get them off the field and into a classroom for such training sessions. We strive to make every minute spent in our classroom worth it.