Strategic Leadership

“We need leaders who can meet and adapt to new challenges, build strategic partnerships, build and sustain human capital organizations, and have the courage to act and react to the change”

Thomas Narofsky, F(X) Leadership Unleashed!

This intervention is targeted at the top leadership of an Organisation. Strategic leaders are responsible for formulating and driving the culture for the entire organisation. They are change drivers, formulating and continually challenging a vision for the future for the Organisation. They understand the value of actions and have the energy and the charisma to inspire others to contribute to the same whole-heartedly.

The strategic leaders anticipate the future sometimes believe in even creating a new one for the Organisation and the society on the whole. They demonstrate entrepreneurial capabilities and promote intrapreneurship in their Orgnaisations. But, they are not lone sharks; they understand the value of collaborative workplace and ensure that they promote imitative and alignment in equal measures to generate long-term growth and sustenance for the business.

They value individuals and their contributions. Great organisations thrive on learning and coaching and the leaders not only role-model that but also take concrete steps to make these the cornerstones of the organisational culture.

Having supported the top leaderships of multiple small and medium enterprises in creating a strategic culture around intrapreneurship, collaboration and coaching, Team Results now offers the same experience through online virtual sessions.

Change Management and Strategic Leadership – The leaders are the architect and custodians of the Organisational Culture – alignment of vision, mission and values; diagnosing the current and desired state of the Organisation based on three pillars of initiative, alignment and openness.
– Duration 120 Minutes

Entrepreneurial Culture (intrapreneurship) and Excellence Orientation – Framework of excellence, Assessment of entrepreneurial competencies and behaviours.
– Duration 120 Minutes

The Collaborative Culture – in Practice – Interpersonal alignment and effective cross-functional team building.
– Duration 120 Minutes

The Coaching Culture – Creation of an organisational growth mindset through fine balancing of performance management and learning management. – Duration 120 Minutes