Strategic Human Resources Training

Team Results online human resources training will help you accomplish the most important facets of ‘strategic’ human resource management. From our experience, Human resources (HR) plays a key role in modern organizations. If you want to enter the HR profession, start climbing the ladder towards a respected HR management position, or develop your skills in your existing HR role, exploring these courses and gaining the skills they teach will be the starting point that kicks off a great learning.

Hiring Smart- Focus on fair and consistent process of interviewing. Tools to enhance one’s likability quotient resulting in improved relationship. Objective and evidence-based assessment through Competency Based Interviewing (CBI) and Behavioural Event Interview (BEI).
– Duration 240 minutes

Competency Framework – Defining a competency, importance of competency framework and its uses in an Organisation, how to formulate Functional, Behavioural and Core Competencies. The key role of behavioural indicators for each competency.
– Duration 360 minutes

Job Evaluation – Understand what is Job Evaluation, different techniques by which it can be conducted. Get deeper understanding into Point Factor method. Job Evaluation as an objective basis for ‘bands and grades’.
– Duration 240 minutes