Sales Academy

Experience and Expertise; Team Results Offers Unique Approach to Sales Effectiveness

Understanding the exact needs and gaps through an intense study of your unique situations and challenges is the foundation of Team Results’ approach to sales effectiveness training. We identify the competencies; knowledge, skills and most importantly, the attitude critical to your organisation’s success and then design customised solutions to develop those skills through customised capability development.

Our sales effectiveness interventions go beyond just training and may include elements designed to support ongoing performance improvement through sustained planning and measurement.

If they Could, They Would Already Have – Transform Your Sales Organisation

Let’s face it – Your sales team is hard-working, has good product knowledge and seems to be busy, running around too. Still, the results should have been far better; the potential of your products and process demands better results. You do not need a training provider; you need a partner who knows which sales capabilities matter most, where is the gap in the current and desired state and what it takes to get salespeople to learn and change. Team Results offers a practical plan focused on immediate gains and long-term results.

We believe that it is a judicious mix of the right selling habits, attitude and skills that your sales teams should learn and practice for sustained better results in the field. Whether ‘hunting’ – finding, winning, new business or ‘farming’ – growing existing business, every sales team faces challenges unique to their organisation, industry and situation.

We do not believe in overwhelming the sales teams with inputs in all areas. No theory; our seasoned sales experts address what matters most and deliver customised training that drives the outcomes you seek.


Assessment and Awareness

Depending on your products, organisation and sales team’s profile, we create assessment suites, ranging from on-the-fly interviews and observations on the field to wholly structured formal assessment centres. We help define the most relevant KPIs and the most critical functional and behavioural competencies. Our focus is to create complete Individual development and measurement plan to validate impact.


Learning and Assimilation

Selling is a practical sport played out in the field daily, and hence sales ‘training’ has to be more of customised ‘coaching’. Every sales capability development intervention of Team Results is customised. We believe in creating a replica of your organisations’ real selling situations. Once we have covered the key concepts, we help the participants gain confidence through case studies, role-plays and exercises that mirror their real-life challenges to practice and refine their skills.


Application, Refinement and Reinforcement

The mood after every successful training program is upbeat, and the participants express a genuine desire to implement new learning. However, old habits die hard and adopting new ones is uncomfortable. We believe that the line manager of the participants are essential cogs in the wheels to ensure sustained and consistent follow-through until the participants can see improved results and better rewards. Team Results works with the managers to turn them into sales coaches with a suit of intervention directed at the sales managers.

Consultative Selling; Building Customer Value Proposition – This signature series of Instructor Led Virtual Sessions (ILVTs) is based on the fundamental premise that with all other things being equal, it is the consultative approach, relationship building and professionalism of the sales create the difference and add to an organisation’s bottom-line. (Know More)
– 5 ILVTs – Duration 120 minutes

Business to Business Selling – Strategic approach to entering and managing large accounts; importance of strategising an account before following up with focussed tactics; Key Account Management, mapping and managing different buying influences.
– 3 ILVTs – Duration 120 minutes

Negotiation Skills – Negotiation – a process and not an event, components of effective negotiation, technical concepts such as bargaining, concessions and BATNA; Importance of preparation and planning, importance of influence and how to build it. Advanced Negations: Special communication skills and psychological approach to negotiation.
– 4 ILVTs – Duration 120 minutes

Customer Centricity – Good customer care is a non-negotiable business imperative, principles and practices of customer centricity, recognising and addressing both functional/ business and personal needs of a customer for proving a holistic customer care experience.
– 3 ILVTs – Duration 120 minutes

Our Signature Sales Training Intervention – Consultative Selling