Personal Effectiveness

“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things”.

Peter Drucker

Personal effectiveness is all about creating value; for self, your manager, your team, your Organisation and even the society at large. And it is about being efficient in creating this value; by investing minimum time and effort.

One does not necessarily become more effective with age; sometimes with a hardened attitude and inflexible approach and reduced motivation, one could become less effective with time, and may not even be aware of it. Ideally, one should be looking at an honest and open assessment, increasing awareness of one’s strength and challenges and continually improve performance.

We assume that the participants who are undergoing the personal effectiveness training have an explicit desire of improving their effectiveness and are excited by the rewards of enhanced personal effectiveness. Personal effectiveness training is based on continuous improvement, a journey from your current stage to the next one; a recognition that further progress is possible and should be made.

Get it Done! – Goalsetting, Time Intelligence, Planning and Prioritisation
– Duration 120 minutes

Basics of Communication – Components of Effective Communication – Objectives, Listening and Assertiveness
– Duration 120 minutes

Influencing without Authority – Influence – likeability quotient and persuasive conversations, learning various techniques and the sequence in which them to use for maximum impact
– Duration 120 minutes

The Power Of Inner Child – Awareness, Exploration and Leveraging of The Inner Self
– Duration 120 minutes

Working with Emotional Intelligence – Diagnosing the health of a relationship, team or organisation, reactions to difficult conversations and conflict, identifying the right problem, creating safety, Describing the gap – Duration 120 minutes

Interpersonal Skills – Transactional Analysis – Reviewing three ego-states: parent, adult and child and using these for improving interaction for a better outcome; Johari Window
– Duration 120 minutes