Managerial Excellence

“Increasingly, management’s role is not to organize work, but to direct passion and purpose.”

Greg Satell

The first-line manager is probably the essential cog in the wheel for the delivery of the organisational results. They are responsible for effectiveness, efficiency and final productivity. A manager plays a critical role in the procurement and management of resources, people being the most important of those. The overly simplistic definition of ‘management’ as planning, organising, developing and controlling takes skills and perseverance to learn and perfect.

A good manager focuses primarily on ‘execution’, but a great manager focuses on ensuring excellence at all levels through demonstrating and encouraging excellence and not mere success in execution. Managers are responsible for problem-solving and decision making.

A successful manager soon learns that creativity at work can be learnt and people under them can be trained in this all-important competency. Successful managers appreciate that execution of tasks depends on their ability to understand individual motivations and strengths, team dynamics and more importantly aligning people around a common purpose and vision. A manager plays a crucial role in ensuring and enhancing employee engagement.

The unique role of a project manager requires particular competencies like defining scope, planning managing resource and stakeholders through different phases of a project and managing information and communication. Their eventual success depends on managing technical projects from a behavioural perspective.

Problem Solving and Decision Making -I and II – Defining, clarifying and solving problem through creative processing and decision making
– (Session One + Session Two) Duration 240 minutes

Hiring Smart- Focus on fair and consistent process of interviewing. Tools to enhance one’s likability quotient resulting in improved relationship. Objective and evidence-based assessment through Competency Based Interviewing (CBI) and Behavioural Event Interview (BEI)
– Duration 240 minutes

Entrepreneurship And Execution Excellence – not just accountability, ownership!
– Duration 120 minutes

Creativity and Innovation – Understanding creativity as a concept and its application; six thinking hats.
– Duration 120 minutes

Project Management: Project Definition and Success Factors; Initiating and Planning a Project, Project Phases and the Stage Gate Process; Stakeholders: Organization, Information, Participation; Defining and aligning Goals and Scope; Managing technical projects from a behavioural perspective.
– (Session One + Session Two) Duration 240 minutes