Leadership Effectiveness

“My job is not to be easy on people. My job is to take these great people we have and to push them and make them even better.”

Steve Jobs

It is the journey from being a ‘senior’ leader to a ‘seasoned’ leader that we are interested in. At ‘Team Results’ we work towards creating leaders and not just training people on leadership. There are some interesting differences between the two. One could teach some leadership skills to an individual but turning them into a leader is altogether a different and rewarding challenge.

It is a fact that one has to learn leadership behaviours and practices to become leaders. But that is not all; true leaders are defined more by their values, mindset and attitude. Once these are in place, the skills and practices could follow. In an ideal world, we always would want to pre-assess the participants for our workshops; an assessment that would require inputs from a standard psychometric assessment such as DISC, from self and their immediate manager and even from their direct reports, as far as possible. These assessments help the participants to embark on a journey of awareness and acceptance of the current state not blinded by their self-assessment.

‘Team Results’ helps the participants in their journey from ‘knowing’ to ‘living’ the leadership practices with an internal locus of control. To this end, we often combine ILVT sessions with one-on-one coaching of the ‘leaders’ by our seasoned and experienced coaches.

Our programs help the participants to move beyond problem-solving to recognising opportunity, from influencing others to being influential, from defining a vision to being visionary, from inspiring others through some impressive fiery speeches to be quietly inspirational.

This series of ILVT sessions help the participants to start practising more of leadership than managing; focusing on people, their engagement, cross-functional collaboration, putting the Organisation ahead of one’s team, department and business unit etc.

We regularly receive feedback from the client Organisation and individual participants about their journey through our ‘Leadership Effectiveness’ programs being a real game-changer.

Advanced Delegation Skills – delegation levels, process and skills for effective delegation.
– Duration 120 Minutes

Advanced feedback skills – the psychological and emotional barriers for giving and receiving feedback – awareness and coping mechanism.
– Duration 120 Minutes

Collaboration in Practice – leveraging conflict resolution styles and managing difficult conversations – effective cross-functional team meetings. – Duration 120 Minutes

Employee Engagement – what it is? The criticality of ‘active disengagement’ and the leader’s role in enhancing engagement.
– Duration 120 Minutes

Advanced Influencing Skills – the principles and the sequencing of the steps of the process; Robert Cialdini’s Principles of influencing.
– Duration 120 Minutes