Discovering Leadership

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”

Edith Wharton

A great player making just about an OK captain is such a common phenomenon. ‘Leading’ requires completely different competencies than ‘doing’. Organisations feel that only by promoting their star performers, they have done their bit. In reality, a promotion may be the beginning of a stressful time for the new leader. The challenge gets compounded when the recently promoted manager is now responsible for direct reports who used to be their peers. Making the transition from friend to boss proves more demanding than they expected.

Leadership is a complex challenge; one has to achieve tasks, build teams and develop individuals, and all these three may appear at cross-purposes at times. Balancing these requires training and support to the new leaders.

Recognising their challenges in the new role sometimes could be an essential beginning. Our New Leadership Program (NLP) training can help. When new leaders attend our ‘Discovering Leadership’ modules, they often express surprise and relief that others like them are also facing same issues and challenges.

Most new leaders struggle and the cost of that is high – suboptimal results, low morals and motivation, disengagement and eventual high attrition. Recognising their challenges and supporting them through structures training inputs could help immensely. Innumerable researches have thrown up a lack of formal training and a strong desire for training as crucial factors that need to be addressed.

The challenge for the leaders virtually leading their teams are even more significant. Not only the absence of physical meetings cause its challenges, but the team members may also be going be through insecurities, stress and fears and need even more special skills from their leaders.

Our ‘Discovering Leadership’ program addresses the ‘humane’ part as much as the ‘task’ part and helps the new leaders or leaders new to leadership to strike the right balance between the two.

The challenges of leadership – goal setting and resource management to achieve tasks
– Duration 120 Minutes

Breaking the Silos – teamwork and collaboration – assessing styles and developing flexibility
– Duration 120 Minutes

Developing Individuals – coaching basics – the attitude and the preparation
– Duration 120 Minutes

Coaching in Action – the process, the conversations and the skills – Active Listening – Empathic Listening, Probing and achieving the desired objectives consistently – Duration 120 Minutes

Basics of Delegation and Feedback – understanding difference between tasking and delegation
– Duration 120 Minutes