ILVT Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Team Results’ Instructor-Led Virtual Training (ILVT)


How is ‘ILVT’ different from the regular physical classroom training?

Unlike physical classroom training, the participants and the facilitator are not at the same physical location. We conduct the ILVT sessions online through a digital training solution, such as Zoom or Microsoft Meeting or any other. These are all HD video conferencing solutions, and we expect the participants to keep their video cameras on to create an almost similar experience as there is in a physical classroom.

How significant a compromise an ‘ILVT’ session is in comparison to a regular physical classroom training?

We do not believe that the ILVT is a compromise on the physical classroom sessions. Both the mediums are different and have their advantages and disadvantages. While we cannot use certain types of exercises and games for conducting ILVT sessions, we use other tools such as digital breakaway rooms, whiteboard and some pre-assessments to make up for the same.

At the same time, you save the hassle and expenses of making the participants travel from different places to reach a central location; of the logistics of arranging the venue, travel and stay et cetera.

We have also experienced that the most significant advantage of the ILPT sessions is that the byte size training capsules ensure that the participants remain focused and can assimilate and internalise the critical learning better.

Are the ILVT sessions facilitated live by a real trainer?

Yes, as the name suggests all our virtual training sessions are instructor-led. They take place in real-time and are guided live by a trainer. Our virtual training, like our classroom training, is designed to be interactive, participative and great fun.

What is the off-line support you provide for the online ILVT sessions?

We supply a PDF ‘participant material/ handbook’ with each session to you. Depending on the topic of the session, sometimes this handbook could even be sent in advance, and the participants can use it to take notes during the session.

Some of our sessions require either an online or paper-pencil assessment. We guide the participants to take such assessment, and we use the findings of these during the session. We would like to reiterate that we only use the overall conclusions and not individual responses or results in the session.

What is the recommended duration of an ILVT session?

While we are open to suggestions from you, from our experience, we have learnt that a duration of 90–120 minutes is optimum. Many of our modules are structured through the curation of multiple capsules of this duration.

We recommend two equally-spaced ILVT sessions per week, should there be need of more than one capsule for any session.

What are the technical requirements for our participants to attend the ILVT sessions?

The participants should have :

– A desktop or laptop computer (a tablet or smartphone is a poor substitute), a good stable internet connection, a webcam and a headset

– A reasonably quiet place where the participants will not be interrupted and where they can switch on their video cameras. Joining our sessions while driving etc. is not acceptable.

– We provide you each participant with a Zoom login, free of cost. Please provide any other platform as per your preference.

What is the typical batch size of an ILVT session?

We strongly recommend a batch of minimum 12 and maximum of 16 participants for each session. If needed, we can stretch to a maximum of 20 participants in a session.

We wish to limit the batch size to ensure interactivity and opportunity of participation from all the participants.

Do you offer off-the-shelf content, or do you also customise your training sessions as per our needs?

Like our classroom training sessions during the last 13 years, the most significant advantage that we offer you is an opportunity to completely customise the contents as per your exact needs and the levels of the participants.

We work closely with you, the business or the unit heads of the units from where the participants are drawn, and some of the participants through an iterative process to ensure the participants are ready for the application of the training immediately post the ILVT session.