Entrepreneurship Development Initiatives

Helping Organisations build a culture of Entrepreneurship for over a decade

At Team Results we have been working with McClelland’s Theory of Human Motivation to help Organisations discover and assess what drives their people and leaders and how to build a culture of excellence and achievement. We live and breathe the philosophy of Intrapreneurship which espouses that- While becoming an entrepreneur is a career choice demonstrating entrepreneurship is an attitude

Competencies Built-

1. Initiative

2. Drive for results

3. Self confidence

4. Ownership and accountability

5. Creating an inspiring vision for self and others

Behaviours Developed-

1. Challenging comfort zones

2. Accepting and striving to achievestretch goals

3. Taking calculated/ moderate risks

4. Learning from feedback – success and failures

5. Being Proactive– not just accountability; ownership

Certified Facilitators; Validated Program

Our trainers are not only certified by the sole Entrepreneurship Trainers‘ certifying agency the NIESBUD – National Institute of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development ,they are experienced and expert practicing managers and entrepreneurs themselves

Over 55 Organisations
4,000 Participants
covered so far and counting