End-to-End OD Projects

Building a Culture of Excellence and Quality

We are proud of our contributions to one of the leading automotive companies of India that contacted us for helping people’s assessment for their readiness and development for building a culture where everyone was gunning for the same objective – excellence and quality

From redefining vision, mission, and values to conducting workshops for understanding and practicing competencies and behaviors associated with ‘excellence’ to allocating and managing specific projects, we are in the midst of an exciting and meaningful journey…..


Complete Training Architecture Design

We consulted one of the largest telecom companies in India to design a robust training architecture. While the competency framework was provided, we assessed almost 4000 employees individually on this framework – in person and online to arrive at the individual gaps delivering a comprehensive IDP (Individual Development Plan).

Further, we helped design the contents and blended learning solutions to address the identified gaps. We were also instrumental in formulating the training calendar and fulfillment logistics.


Intrapreneurship Culture Building Intervention

One of the leading Publications wanted to ensure a thrust in the area of ‘Intrapreneurship’ and ‘collaboration’. We designed and delivered an intervention across the entire sales and marketing department including:

1.A series of workshops on ‘Intrapreneurship’ across all hierarchies of the Department to ensure a Culture building around Intrapreneurship

2.Assignment of projects to cross location project teams with formal project sponsors leaders and managers. The progress of the projects was monitored on the excellence framework derived in the workshops on Intrapreneurship

3.Workshops on selling and negotiating skills to build functional skills of the sales teams

4.Workshops on sales management and coaching for the sales managers to build a nurturing and coaching culture in their departments

5.Objective assessment and one on one coaching session for the entire sales leadership to ensure the sustenance


Values Clarification and Cascading

Had designed and intervention around complete vision and mission and core values for the Organisation in India.

While the documented vision mission and values existed in the Organisation, there was lack of clarity at the ground level when it came to implementing the same.

We helped the Organisation to prioritize these values. We had designed and facilitated a senior leadership workshop to ensure that the values were well defined and the practices and behaviors associated with each prioritized value were clearly laid out.

We had then helped the Company to clarify and cascade these values to ensure that last mile connectivity.


Creating Collaborative and Vibrant Workplace

When one of the largest multinational consumer electronics and durables company wished to create a vibrant Organisation full of energy and cross-functional collaboration, we had designed an engaging and exciting learning intervention for them.

This intervention covered their corporate office and all the branches across India where the cross-functional intact branch teams went through the intervention as one team contributing to the creation of ‘One- Organisation’ that the top leadership had envisioned.

Enhancing Employee Engagement

A leading ITES company with thousands of employees in multi-locations across India was concerned about low employee engagement scores and had contacted us to design an intervention for the managers to ensure that they lead their team members with vision and care to enhance their engagement with the Organisation.

We debated with the client that engagement can’t just be the sole responsibility of the leaders with employees themselves not taking any responsibility of the same.

We presented a solution which addressed every employee to take responsibility to enhance one’s own responsibility and also for the leaders to work towards enhancing the engagement of their team members.

Considering the mammoth size of the target audience we adopted the ‘train the trainer’ route to reach the last of employee…