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Effective communication skills are essential for success in most jobs. Great communicators know how to assess an audience, analyse a situation and frame a discussion. Our communication skills workshop addresses a variety of different audience and situations.

Our Approach

Humans have the ability to communicate on a variety of levels and in a host of different ways. In fact, it’s impossible not to communicate. Because of the many communication signals we give out constantly, it is difficult to limit the term to a single definition.

During this workshop, participants will learn the secrets of those who make people skills seem easy: how to build personal credibility, deliver positive and negative feedback, show assertiveness in relationships, rephrase for better relationships, deal with difficult people and more. Skills exercises are interactive, allowing participants to practice what they have learned in a relaxed environment.

In this workshop, the participants will gain competence and confidence in how to create successful results through effective communication to influence and create an impact.


Facilitator led Discussions Role Plays and other Theatrical Tools, Games, Business Simulations, Audio Visuals, Self Assessments, Process Labs, Groups Activities and Competitions and Case Studies (Customised and Generic) etc.

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