Being Courageous Always Takes a Part of You Away from You Forever! 

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The thought of fighting for your right becomes clear when we start realising the loss of a chance of an existing or new beginning. We channelise our energies towards achieving something we feel deprived of and not for something we already have or we could have with little or no efforts.

People spend their entire lives in searching for the eternal peace of achieving something great and in the process they sacrifice so much. Why can’t they find their eternal peace? The reason can be endless but the root cause is ‘feeling deprived of what one desired’. For e.g. I am the richest person in the world ‘but’ I feel the need of more as per my self set standards, which brings a bent in my desired state making me feel deprived of my eternal peace.

We have endless desires however; we focus on the ones that make us feel deprived of our desired state. The argument between my ‘Need’ or ‘Want’ or ‘Desire’ starts clouding our mind, making us uneasy and vulnerable. We all dread that state; where we make choices we never desired and that embarks the beginning of a little piece getting distant from us and forever!

Achieving what we desire comes with heavy-duty tax that we pay to our loved ones and ourselves.

When my colour, creed, name was not decided by me; then how could I design my future?

When I fought against others will … I was left alone to ponder

Yes, I am privileged to have my own opinion but I lost myself in the process because; being courageous always takes a part of you from you forever…

Megha Raju