Appreciation and Spontaneity

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A couple of months back, I flagged down an autorickshaw to travel a very short distance. I got in and looked up to the driver to tell my destination but paused for about ten seconds before blurting out my destination.
The driver looked different. I suddenly had a flurry of thoughts in my head, but was not ready to speak out any of them. Will I offend the driver? how do I say ? what do I say?
I reached my destination, got off, turned to pay my fare and then I casually asked, “Do you stay close by or drive long distance?” The driver said with smile, “Distance does not matter to me.”
The friendly demeanour gave me the confidence to tell the driver that it was such a delight to see young women driving autorickshaws in the city suburbs. I asked her name and even clicked a picture that she gladly agreed to let me take.
She is Sonali Shankarpatange.


I later introspected about my hesitation. I have seen many lady cab and van drivers but for autorickshaws, it was a first for me. I felt my hesitation was about phrasing my appreciation and spontaneity. Sometimes we take so long to appreciate ,maybe due to an inner conflict of should I or should I not?
We need to break that habit and be more spontaneous in our appreciation and make it a part of our culture. A compliment; however short can make anyone’s day!
Have you had similar feelings at any time, do share your experiences with me!