Life As We See It

Life As We See It

Life is to short and yet when we are trapped in whirlpool full of pain. We feel the time of bad luck is never ending and we are living through thousand deaths. Hope is something that gets us out of that whirlpool and doubt traps us back into it. We let our fear get overpowering and we let our wisdom get buried beneath a false dark cloud.

We want to become an image of our own perfect soul and yet we doubt whether that soul actually breaths in us. Time heals all the pain but we still challenge this known fact. Is healing dependent upon time or is it dependent upon you to clear the dark cloud and rise from the darkness that has been solely designed by you?

People die every day is a fact similar to people living every day. Why do we focus on things that have less relevance to our current being? No death is not of less relevance but when compared to living, it loses its charm. What is once young will grow old and it is not only relevant for breathing animals. It also is relevant for a concrete building that ages like any living being every year. But like us that building does not grieve its existence becoming older and less strong by the second.

We have seen people climbing up to a mountain and chant for days that convert into months and later years. They become saints! Who are they? Are they more accomplished than we are… well the probable answer is a YES… what if I say something unusual and say that we can become saints even without doing all that. I want to talk to a saint and ask what will be a difference between them and a human who is everything conventional and yet a saint. I won’t assume their response rather I would state their true words about the actual difference.

Tear is the most precious gift God gave us. It flows when we are sad, happy, feared or when we laugh like never before. One can twist the meaning of a tear rolling down the cheek and still enjoy the warm droplet that comforts us and enhances our emotions. We enjoy the feeling of a triggered emotion and we complete it with a tear droplet. People who can’t do that have never been born.

We created power and we created helplessness and yet we complain about both. Complaining is the best way of satisfying your ego and letting yourself know that you are correct and under-judged. I can say this because when we complain the receiver at his end feels the complaint is irrelevant. What is my truth is never necessarily your acceptance? But the real ecstatic thing about all this is when I am the receiver of someone else’s complaint I feel it’s irrelevant.

Dream saves us from falling into a trap of being complacent and sleep makes us reach our comfort zone. Dream big to receive big. Rather we should dream big and complete it bigger! This takes care of both complacency and comfort zone.

Act at the right moment, as the moment never comes back. Change when you feel you need to and not when you are asked to but again, don’t be rigid in considering the option when you are asked. It is perfectly all right to not know everything in life, accept it and move ahead. Moving ahead is your own decision and not a time calculation, but if you feel its mathematics then solve it as fast as you can.

Life is not a gift, it’s a mirage we never see what really is being shown to us. Breath not because it’s a process but because you enjoy it. Happiness is the key to a great life but doesn’t miss out on a chance to feel the pain or else happiness will lose its meaning.

Think, as it’s free of cost and write as it helps you loosen up.  No one is born yet who could ever not make a difference. Be that difference! Megha Raju