Content is the King? Really?

Content is the King? Really?

Another Training?…..Yesssss! I hope it’s the same guys who trained us last time….

How many of us look forward to behavioural trainings organised by our organisation with this enthusiasm….

Let me begin with an example.

We say leaders are not born, they are made.  How? Besides many other things, through training also. Of course. When there is not much to choose from the concepts and practices of a leadership workshop, then to choose wisely from the vast repertoire of training available to learn leadership and be able to apply it practically is a challenge.

The differentiator, I believe, is the way in which the concepts and practices are put across in the training workshop so that they can be applied back at work. Not next week or next month, but how could we start right here in the workshop itself? My journey should begin here and now.

This is how we the content development professionals think… by stepping into the shoes of the participants… by thinking like them and by anticipating like them.

And that contextualizes how to make the training content interesting and impactful. Challenging yet hugely satisfying!

I have learnt at Team Results the brilliant linkage between pedagogy and andragogy… we were the quickest learners as kids and hence we could learn best again by going back to kindergarten days. How things were done and resolved, can be remodeled for Andragogy today. Add to that certain inputs picked from our daily observations… the world around us and that makes the content. And when our clients and participants say that “content is the king at Team Results”, we smile in gratitude and in satisfaction!

I would really be interested in knowing from you, how you address this challenge….