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Whether you are looking for a one-off training workshop, a complete end-to-end training solution, just call us!

Team Results offer functional training in the areas of Selling Skills – Face to Face, Channel Sales and Institutional Sales (Key Account Management and Complex Sales), Sales Management and Customer Centricity. We also offer a holistic learning experience in Negotiation – both for the sales and the procurement professionals.

We specialize in behavioral training covering Personal and Inter-Personal, Managerial and Leadership Effectiveness. Our most popular training intervention is in the area of ‘Entrepreneurship’ or more specifically in ‘Intrapreneurship’; where we train and motivate the employees of the companies to demonstrate entrepreneurship at work; to operate as if the business belonged to them. With more than 50 satisfied clients over the past decade, we believe that we could, perhaps lay claim to being one of the largest contributors to the development of intrapreneurship in the country.

We are also one of the leading consultants in designing training architecture, competency framework – functional and behavioral, end-to-end training cycle from TNI to measuring training effectiveness.

We are experienced and experts in designing and executing Assessment Centres (ACs) and Development Centres.

If you have an internal training team and you are looking for cutting-edge contents and certification of your trainers –  contact us for a detailed package consisting of the guides for the trainers and the participants, the powerpoint slides, the case studies, exercises, and games, etc. We also offer train-the-trainers and certification of the trainers to ensure the quality and consistency of training experience for the participants




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Not Just Training Providers; Partners in Your Journey of Excellence


Back in 1997, we had started with the mission line stating “beyond training; creating results”… Not much has changed in that.

We sincerely believe that a training workshop is not a picnic, get-together or a feel-good event. It is a serious effort of an individual or an organization to impact their end-results and yet is to be delivered as an engaging and enjoyable learning experience.

We boast of a team of seasoned professionals who have worked assiduously to perfect our processes and methodologies based on years of experience and research. Having said that, we consistently test and re-test ourselves to avoid any risk of obsolescence. We are responsive, dynamic and raring to go.

We endeavor to transform learning into a positive and significant change in knowledge, skills, attitude, and habits of the participants thereby positively impacting business results.

We believe that no one training workshop solution fits all.. the key to the effectiveness of an intervention lies in how accurate the diagnostic was. We take pains to carry out an extensive process of customization.

A process that encompasses detailed discussions with the ‘problem owners’, meetings with the participants’ managers, interviews with and even on the field/ in action observations, mystery shopping lead us to the answer to the all-important question….

“What do you expect the participants to do differently post the intervention” 

This leads us to a final design on which we get a sign off from the concerned stakeholder/ problem owner before embarking on designing an interactive, engaging and practical learning experience

“Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I may remember. But involve me, I’ll understand and practice.” -Confucius

During a typical TeamResults learning experience(training workshop), participants can be sure to explore, watch, introspect, do, act discuss, and in short, get their hands dirty. While our methodology involves a healthy concoction of VAK: Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic tools, we cannot hide our bias for the last mentioned.

Adult learning cannot be addressed through PowerPoint downloads in an entirely one-way classroom setting and at the same time, meaningless activities can degenerate a training workshop to just a picnic – enjoy while it lasts and then forgets it! We sincerely believe that the main cause of dilution of learning is the imbalance between the focus on activities and the debrief… People don’t learn from activities; they learn from reflecting on their experience.

Our design and delivery also consciously addresses another challenge to learning – attempting to cover too many things/topics in the allocated time – leading to dilution and diffusion

We assure you a learning experience that is not only great fun but also keeps linking it to application back at work.. to deliver what we promised!

Intrapreneurship Interventions

‘Client Speak’

“Team Results had helped us design our complete training architecture covering more than 4000 employees across India delivering IDPs, training content, workshop designs and fulfilment methods.

Their methodology of learning needs identification and audit based on Competency Framework, facilitated discussions based assessments across the organization, online assessments and collation followed by detailed reports was extremely useful.

They were thoroughly professional and responsive and had delivered high quality results.”

Rachna Mukherjee the then Head HR, Mobility, Aircel Limited
“We had entrusted Team Results with an important OD intervention that included assessments, classroom training, one-one-one coaching, project allocation, traction and management. We are very pleased with their efforts and the results we have obtained through that intervention.

Their flexibility to address all levels of an organization with equal dexterity and in vernacular languages greatly added to our comfort in dealing with them”



Rajiv Kental - President (Marketing) Amar Ujala Publications Ltd