Same Classroom Interactivity, Now on Virtual Platform

Team Results offers Instructor-Led Virtual Training (ILVT) for a variety of topics covering different segments of individual contributors, managers and leaders. Most of our ILVT sessions last 90-120 minutes and we design interventions using two or more such capsules.

Safe and Cost Effective:

Our ILVT sessions are safe and cost effective as they eliminate the need of the participants travelling and being in the same location or same classroom. The biggest challenge in virtual training is to make the program interactive and engaging for the participants. We, at Team Results, use our experience and leverage expertise of our partners Business Training Works, USA and Dramanon UK to create a memorable and engaging experience for the participants. We use innovative tolls such as drama and storytelling liberally in our training design and delivery.


We create completely bespoke interventions for the client Orgnaisations. If required, we are prepared interact extensively with the stakeholders including some of the targeted participants to understand the expectations as well as the profile of the participants. We believe that while the concepts and practices may be universal, relevant examples and case studies ensure better understanding and immediate application.

Programs >> Interventions:

We stitch together different stand-alone 90-120 minutes’ capsules on a given topic. These capsules are conducted weekly or bi-weekly, to the same set of participants. Then, we offer intervening projects and recapping exercises to design a curriculum. This curriculum, combined with our guided support to the line managers formulates a robust intervention.

Application at Work:

We follow through, depending on the Organisational needs and plan, for the implementation and application of learning back at work to ensure leveraging of the training rupee. We are also open to handhold the participants for a mutually agreed initial period to ensure a smooth concept to application journey.

Assessment Enabled:

We combine various standard assessments such as Extended DISC, Thematic Apperception Test, Kraybill’s Instrument with some of our own interesting and engaging assessments such as ‘forum theatre’ to make the participants aware of their strengths and areas of development. It is an important step of Team Results’ ‘Triple A’: Awareness>>Acceptance>>Action learning philosophy


We offer flexibility of timing, scheduling duration and number of participants within certain guidelines to help the Orgnaisations and participants plan their learning at their convenience and timing. We offer our virtual training session in English and Hindi and can even arrange some of the workshops to be delivered in vernacular languages.

Our ILVT Sessions Catalogue

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