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The workshop is based on the Team Building model of ‘9 Building Blocks’ proposed by Mike Woodcock and suggests that there are nine building blocks of effective teams:

  1. Clear objectives and agreed goals
  2. Openness and confrontation
  3. Support and trust
  4. Working effectively with co-operation and conflict
  5. Sound working and decision-making procedures
  6. Appropriate leadership
  7. Regular review
  8. Individual development
  9. Sound inter-group relations

Learning Objectives

At this workshop’s conclusion, participants will be able to:

  • Experience the joy of working in a team and focusing not only on individual or functional objectives but also on contributing to the super ordinate organizational goals and objectives
  • Practice the importance of continual dialogue that outlasts communication only on need basis during a project alone
  • Explore and avoid pitfalls of silo thinking and see firsthand the gains of cooperation and collective synergy
  • Realize and internalize that ‘if the organization loses – everyone loses’
  • Create trust in each other
  • Discover how they can create a no blame culture and share resources
  • Leverage individual differences to strengthen team efficacy


In our standard 3 day ‘Team Building’ intervention, we cover all the 9 building blocks. In case of a one or two day workshop, we will concentrate on those building blocks that are identified as most critical by your organization.

The workshop design is of an experiential one in which participants draw the learning through interesting games and exercises.

The entire session is packed with outdoor action as well as indoor activities requiring physical as well as cerebral engagement and involvement of all the participants.

Duration 1 – 3 days

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