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In our endeavour to constantly contribute to people retention and development, we are excited to bring you this easy and powerful employee engagement platform. Contact us, sign up and get on board on a journey of high contribution and low attrition.

inFeedo, a prize-winner startup has taken the world by storm through their artificial intelligence-based interactive platform. They have packaged three ways to engage your employee’s construction. – Growth Through Innovation

3 ways to engage your employees constructively:

Idea Generation: This platform helps provide an avenue to employees who are hesitant to speak up. This platform helps you collate, track and execute ideas shared by your employees. Having anonymity as its USP, this platform can create an impact to:

1) Harness ideas within organisation
2) Make employees feel heard
3) Build a culture of ownership

AMA Townhalls: As companies are growing they are constantly trying to improve their communication channels. One challenge that comes with growth and expansion across cities is, being able to create common platforms for people to share their views, ask questions and seek clarity.

The Open House that companies currently hold happens only once a year and they are unable to have everyone together because of different time-zones and the logistics of managing something like that effectively.

So with inFeedo you:
1) Ask questions anonymously or otherwise before town-hall
2) Entire company or specific departments can participate
3) CEO or dept. heads answer

Amber: She is an employee’s buddy, who will intervene at specific intervals in an employees life cycle asking them to pre-set questions, which helps the HR identify the red flags in the company. Amber helps you proactively find out employees who are most likely to leave and help you in improving the culture.

Amber helps:
Interacting with employees at specified intervals in their life cycle.Identifying what’s working well and the areas of improvement helps identify targeted areas of focus for the HR.

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