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Team Results’ core strength lies in making our sessions highly interactive, fun and ensuring that learning is easy to apply back at work. We believe that the interventions should help the participants challenge the status quo in their own attitude and behaviours before they start seeking changes in others and the organisational environment.

In our endeavour to make training more fun, participative and ready-to-practice back at work, we are delivering Drama Based Training. These are in form of forum theatre or real play. Drama Based Training are more engaging and effective in retention as the participants interact with the professional actors to co-create the ideal workplace scenario in an unthreatened way.


About Dramanon & Drama Based Training

Drama Based Training
Forms of D.B.T


Dramanon is at the forefront of providing drama based learning and develops a unique experience, taking interactive training to a new level for any company or organisation seeking to improve their performance.

They provide a combination of professional facilitators, trainers & actors within their training programmes and devise tailor written training modules to suit a required theme. They train globally and often work in different languages based on clients requirement.

Drama Based Training

Drama is not new. We have all grown up on stories and dramas. We retain it all even now. DBT is a powerful learning tool that provides interactive drama-based methods in a non-threatening and safe environment for people. It cajoles them to think not only from the mind but also from the heart; having a sustaining effect on behaviour, attitudes and performance.

People adapt their behaviour voluntarily and can’t be forced to change their behaviour. The challenge for organisations is to create development initiatives that will appeal to people in a subtle yet effective manner.

The participant’s challenge and advise the characters on the correct language, postures and behaviour to be more effective. They co-create the scenario that is intellectually and emotionally correct; thus making learning more impactful.

Forms of D.B.T

In the interactive theatre the participants challenge and guide the characters-in-role in their journey of enhancing effectiveness, from ineffective to effective, then actors act out these suggestions. The actors repeat the scenes incorporating the suggestions, discarding the ones that don’t work and building on the acceptable ones towards a successful outcome.

  • Forum Theatre Unparalleled levels of realism. Establishing a dialogue between audience and stage with the aim of exploring the real needs and a chance to find out means of devising appropriate content and narratives and gain ‘on site’ experience for impactful learning.
  • Immersive Theatre-Dramanon will devise a piece of theatre that will be broken down into short, pithy scenarios. Each scene played out in a different area with a set and props to bring the scenes to life. The attendees will move from area to area giving them an experience of travelling through the story.
    It will chart employees from the organisation and be run using forum theatre encouraging a lot of interactivity. We will demonstrate poor practice – and by showing a breakdown in communication, everyone can question/coach the characters to a preferred practice.                                 We will ensure that everyone is cast believable. This keeps the focus and belief that the live sessions are as real as can be expected. Everyone will be able to identify with what is being played out in front of them. Members of the audience can also get involved in the theatre if they so wish. We will ensure that this session is a ’game changer’ in terms of its delivery style and impact. The immersive theatre will be linked back to a film demonstrating support if there is an incident, looking at the emotional link & customer journey that the employees are part of.The immersive/forum theatre approach can be run a few times in the day to larger numbers to ensure everyone has the opportunity to partake in experiential & interactive training.
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  • Real Play- In roleplaying, participants adopt and act out the role of characters, or parts, that may have personalities, motivations, and backgrounds different from their own. This is typical of much in-house training. Dramanon, however, take away the fear by providing professional role players who enable the participant
    or real player to focus only on their natural responses and skills rather than having to play out a character.
    The idea is to create a very real environment for training so that the emphasis can be on gauging skills and attributes that the real player already has and to help to highlight potential areas for development and therefore to meet particular learning objectives for the individual. This service is available for a wide range of topic areas. Dramanon is mostly used on Customer Care, Conflict Resolution, Influencing & Persuading, Investigation Skills, Respect, Behavioural Safety, Dealing with Conflict, Difficult Conversations, and Leadership Development.
    Dramanon provides very experienced role players with a broad range of improvisation and life skills from many cultures and backgrounds across the world for clients. Feedback is also provided and an action plan often put into place for each candidate if required.
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  • Film Element-
    • We use an episodic nature to our films bringing in a number of short storylines that connect and follow-on from each other.
    • Each scenario focusses on a central character from a specific area within the business.
    • We will see through their interaction how they connect with other parts of the business.
    • This way we can incorporate differing worlds and through the lens of an observer get to understand and appreciate what ‘others’ contribute.
    • The films we will be warm, cosy and informative. They will allow people to connect with through the characters and their lives. It could have a documentary (fly-on-the-wall) style.
    • We get to know the characters through family, work interactions and their aspirations.

    We can also produce some exciting training packages to support a train the trainer programme.- in terms of training booklets.

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Glimpse of showcase symposia in Sept'16 Delhi & Mumbai.

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